74: Episode 66: Ram On! TMT Talks with Producer Fernando Perdomo

Talk More Talk is delighted to welcome Fernando Perdomo, co-producer of the album “Ram On: The 50th Anniversary Tribute to Paul & Linda McCartney’s Ram.” We discuss how Perdomo, along with original Ram drummer Denny Seiwell, selected the artists for the project, the recording process, and much more.







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  1. william cordova

    Nice to see a Latino taking us into a sonic stroll of the Ram On project. Specially one who originated in Miami. I used to see his perform in Miami Beach as Jose Perdomo. Great over all project but also wished some of the musicians had taken their own creative and interpretive license in recording those Linda McCartney-Paul McCartney compositions.

    Great interpretations of Beatle related songs like…

    Earth, Wind & Fire – Got to get you into my life – prompted McCartney to sing it live in his WIngs 1979 tour of UK.

    Zulema – Maybe I’m Amazed – rousing gospel tinged version in Zulema’s 1972 LP. Rare and moving version.

    Lakeside – I wanna hold your hand – this version is the complete Bealtes overhaul. Released in 1981. One of the finest versions out there.

    Luther Vandross – Something – 2002, live R&B version as tribute to George Harrison’s passing

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